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Tribe: EPIDENDREAE I (New World)

Image of Masdevallia bonplandii

 Masdevallia bonplandii - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Ecuador - $ 20
One of the earliest masdevallias discovered over 200 years ago - narrow 7 inch leaves bear heavy textured long lasting flowers on 4 inch stems. Mature.

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 Masdevallia chasei - Intermediate - Potted - Panama - $ 20
Soft yellow flowers have waxy substance and bloom on short stems - 6 inch leaves - floriferous. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia chasei
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Image of Masdevallia civilis

 Masdevallia civilis - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Peru & Ecuador - $ 20
This species has a wide distribution in nature and is quite variable in color ranging from light yellow to dark purple - 5 inch narrow coriaceous leaves bear fleshy tubular flowers on short stems - the opening of each bloom exposes three short tails. Mature.

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 Masdevallia coriacea - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Ecuador - $ 25
Waxy white flowers with wine red striping in throat - inside of flower is coated with fine hairs - 10 inch plant with dark green narrow leaves Mature.

Image of Masdevallia coriacea
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Image of Masdevallia corniculata

 Masdevallia corniculata - Cool - Potted - Colombia - $ 25
Burnt orange flowers are heavy textured and bloom amidst 10 inch coriaceous leaves. Mature.

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 Masdevallia delhierroi - Intermediate to Cool - in Net Pots - Ecuador - $ 25
Vigorous growing plants of an uncommon species - 6 to 7 inch leaves rapidly form nice clumps - this form has a chestnut flower. Mature.

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 Masdevallia discoidea - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Brazil - $ 20
Glossy grape jelly flowers have white stripe top and bottom - the blossoms are carried on short stems and have unusual flattened shape - viewed from the side they are round like a discus but appear compressed from above. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia discoidea
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Image of Masdevallia instar

 Masdevallia instar - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Peru - $ 25
Clumpy 5 inch plant produces many lovely 2 inch honey yellow triangular flowers dusted with red. Mature.

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 Masdevallia leptoura - Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - $ 20
Multiple spikes of several yellow and white flowers variably dotted with red - 5 inch plant is easy to bloom - fragrant. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia leptoura
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Image of Masdevallia mezae

 Masdevallia mezae - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Peru - $ 25
2 or 3 flowers bloom atop 8 inch triangular stems - long tailed ivory flowers are lightly dusted with pink near center - blooms sequentially. Mature.

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 Masdevallia navicularis - Intermediate - Potted - Colombia - $ 25
Glossy paddle-shaped 5 to 6 inch leaves - ridged flower stems rise well above the foliage - claret red heavy textured flowers are born sequentially for many weeks - the name refers to the boat-like shape of the flower. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia navicularis
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Image of Masdevallia pachyura

 Masdevallia pachyura - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Ecuador - $ 20
A variable species in the multi-floral section - each stem carries about four flowers that are white dotted with red and have short thick curved yellow tails. Mature.

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 Masdevallia paivaeana - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Bolivia - $ 20
6 inch plant with climbing habit - yellow, pink and white flowers are fuzzy inside. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia paivaeana
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Image of Masdevallia polysticta

 Masdevallia polysticta - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Peru - $ 20
Handsome 8 inch plant - 10 inch spikes of white flowers speckled with maroon - yellow tails - several flowers bloom simultaneously on each stem. Mature.

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 Masdevallia pyxis - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Peru - $ 20
Named for the box-like shape of the flower - each unusual waxy blossom is nicely colored with maroon, yellow and white - flowers bloom amidst 7 inch foliage - nice clumpy plants. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia pyxis
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Image of Masdevallia rolfeana

 Masdevallia rolfeana - Intermediate - Potted - Costa Rica & Panama - $ 20
5 to 6 inch leaves are leathery and grow in a tight clump - rich maroon flowers are held on short spikes midway up the plant - each velvety blossom is cupped near the base and opens well to show a yellow throat - attractive and robust. Mature.

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 Masdevallia schlimii - Cool to Intermediate - Potted - Colombia & Venezuela - $ 25
Rigid coriaceous leaves give rise to a tall four to six flowered raceme - each long- tailed blossom is minutely dotted with purple-brown - yellow tails. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia schlimii
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Image of Masdevallia schroederiana

 Masdevallia schroederiana - Intermediate - Potted - Costa Rica - $ 25
Strong growing plants have 5 inch leaves that quickly form nice clumps - showy flowers are held just above the leaf tops - each bloom is predominately red with a broad band of white down the center of the lateral sepals - a flush of yellow in the center and long yellow tails make this flower a classic beauty. Mature.

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 Masdevallia torta - Cool to Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - $ 20
8 inch leaves have attractive reddish tinge - plant has climbing habit - flowers are dusty gold with dark red striations and bloom on short stems. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia torta
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Image of Masdevallia trochilus

 Masdevallia trochilus - Intermediate - Potted - Colombia & Ecuador - $ 25
9 inch pale green leaves with tall triangular shaped flower stems - slightly cupped mahogany red flowers have long yellow tails - blooms succesively for months. Mature.

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Updated: 1/16/2017