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Image of Dendrochilum curranii

 Dendrochilum curranii - Intermediate - Potted - Philippines - $ 20
4 inch plants rapidly grow to specimen size - new growths produce plumes of tiny white flowers densely arranged on each 7 inch spike. Mature.

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 Dendrochilum formosanum - Intermediate - Potted - Taiwan - $ 20
This 4 to 5 inch Dendrochilum has arching chains of bright yellow flowers - makes an attractive display - nice clumpy seeedlings. Seedling.

Image of Dendrochilum formosanum
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Image of Pholidota chinensis

 Pholidota chinensis - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - China - $ 20
Soft paired 4 to 5 inch leaves atop conical pseudobulbs - chains of small ivory flowers arch gracefully from plant - grows quickly into a specimen plant. Mature.

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 Bulbophyllum acutum - Intermediate - Mounted - Java - $ 20
¾ inch light green rambling plant with small red and white flowers that bloom in profusion along the rhizome - blooms several time a year. Mature.

Image of Bulbophyllum acutum
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Image of Bulbophyllum biseriale

 Bulbophyllum biseriale - Intermediate - Mounted - Thailand - $ 20
Tiny pseudobulbs and leaves are less than 1 inch and grow into a dense mat - white three tailed individual flowers bloom on short stems and are produced freely. Mature.

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 Bulbophyllum retusiusculum - Intermediate - Potted - Vietnam - $ 20
3 inch compact plant has clustered pseudobulbs and leathery leaves - umbels of bright yellow ¾ inch flowers appear above the foliage - frequent bloomer. Mature.

Image of Bulbophyllum retusiusculum
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Tribe: EPIDENDREAE I (New World)

Image of Epidendrum mathewsii

 Epidendrum mathewsii - Intermediate - Mounted - South America - $ 20
Partially pendulous plant has ladder-like semi-terete leaves - flowers resemble large form of E. porpax with shiny lip and green sepals and petals - attractive growth habit - quickly makes a specimen plant - color ranges from purple to green. Mature.

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 Epidendrum porpax - Intermediate - Mounted - Central America - $ 20
Glossy burgundy lip accents this attractive miniature - quickly makes a wonderful specimen - 3 inch plant in a 2 ½ inch Thai clay pot. Mature.

Image of Epidendrum porpax
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Image of Laelia sincorana

This item is a recent addition Laelia sincorana - Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Brazil - $ 25
Compact leathery leaved plant bears up to four sumptuous 2 ¾ inch flowers on each new growth - each bloom has bright pink sepals and petals and a dark pink lip with a white throat. Blooming Size.

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This item is a recent addition Leptotes bicolor - Intermediate to Warm - in Net Pots - Brazil - $ 25
Large glistening white flowers are set off by the bright fuchsia lip on this attractive terete leaved miniature - blooms twice a year - easy to grow. Mature.

Image of Leptotes bicolor
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Image of Scaphyglottis prolifera

 Scaphyglottis prolifera - Intermediate - Potted or Mounted - Central America - $ 20
Twin leaves emerge from the tip of each pseudobulb on this piggy back plant - single white flowers with a rose pink anther bloom from the center of each set of paired leaves. Mature.

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 Barbosella cucullata - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
Scores of individual 1 ½ inch yellow flowers bloom simultaneously on 1 ½ inch stems - rambling plant habit is attractive. Mature.

Image of Barbosella cucullata
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Image of Barbosella dussenii

 Barbosella dussenii - Intermediate - Mounted - Brazil - $ 20
Copious light peach flowers are set off by attractive moss-like foliage - easy to bloom. Mature.

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 Barbosella prorepens - Intermediate - Mounted - Costa Rica - $ 20
Quantities of yellow flowers are produced on this attractive 2 inch plant. Mature.

Image of Barbosella prorepens
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Image of Dracula berthae

 Dracula berthae - Cool - Potted - Colombia - $ 30
5 inch narrow leaves - white wide open flat flowers are heavily speckled with dark pink - sassy pink tongue and google eyes make an impish face in center of flower. Mature.

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 Dryadella simula - Intermediate to Cool - Mounted - Colombia & Ecuador - $ 20
3 inch linear foliage - coppery flowers are spotted and barred with dark red and bloom near base of plant. Mature.

Image of Dryadella simula
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Image of Lepanthes scalaris

 Lepanthes scalaris - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
Bracted 3 inch stems end in oval 1 inch leaves - flower spike emerges from leave axil and sports successive peach colored flowers with a garnet center. Mature.

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 Masdevallia discoidea - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Brazil - $ 20
Glossy grape jelly flowers have white stripe top and bottom - the blossoms are carried on short stems and have unusual flattened shape - viewed from the side they are round like a discus but appear compressed from above. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia discoidea
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Image of Masdevallia instar

 Masdevallia instar - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Peru - $ 25
Clumpy 5 inch plant produces many lovely 2 inch honey yellow triangular flowers dusted with red. Mature.

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 Masdevallia pyxis - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Peru - $ 20
Named for the box-like shape of the flower - each unusual waxy blossom is nicely colored with maroon, yellow and white - flowers bloom amidst 7 inch foliage - nice clumpy plants. Mature.

Image of Masdevallia pyxis
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Image of Platystele ximenae

 Platystele ximenae - Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Ecuador - $ 20
2 inch attractive spoon-shaped leaves are light green tinged with purple - long wore-like distichous stems sequentially produce 1/8 inch star-shaped yellow flowers with a red center. Mature.

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 Pleurothallis cf. tridentata - Intermediate - Potted - Peru - $ 20
Four inch plant has lovely heart-shaped leaves - crystalline yellow flowers bloom in succession at base of each leaf - great terrarium plant. Mature.

Image of Pleurothallis cf. tridentata
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Image of Pleurothallis grobyi

 Pleurothallis grobyi - Intermediate - Potted or Mounted - Honduras - $ 20
Many sprays of light yellow flowers adorn this 1 inch plant - blooms several times a year. Mature.

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 Pleurothallis herpestes 'Fox Den' - Intermediate - Mounted - Costa Rica - $ 20
1 inch narrow leathery leaves - wiry pendent spikes successively produce single intricate ¼ inch flowers - each bloom has masdevallia-like red mottled sepals and a deep purple lip rimmed with hairs - column is capped with white. Mature.

Image of Pleurothallis herpestes 'Fox Den'
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Image of Pleurothallis producta

 Pleurothallis producta - Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - $ 20
Small plant with 2 inch leaves - 6 inch sprays of white flowers - blooms often. Mature.

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 Pleurothallis sertularioides - Intermediate - Mounted - Central America - $ 20
Vining miniature quickly grows to specimen size - single green flowers bloom from each leaf. Mature.

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 Salpistele dressleri - Intermediate - Mounted - Panama - $ 20
Tufts of 1 inch narrow ovate leaves cling to tree fern mounts - pendant spikes bloom successively for months - the individual cream colored flower is shaped like a cross - very unusual. Mature.

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 Scaphosepalum anchoriferum - Intermediate - in Net Pots - Costa Rica - $ 20
Red and yellow ram's head flowers on wiry stems - blooms succesively over a long period. Mature.

Image of Scaphosepalum anchoriferum
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Image of Scaphosepalum rapax

 Scaphosepalum rapax - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
Attractive 1 inch pointed leaves send out many pendent wiry spikes - individual ram's head flowers are densely speckled with maroon. Mature.

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 Scaphosepalum swertifolium - Intermediate - in Net Pots - Ecuador - $ 20
4-5 inch paddle-shaped leaves - succesive blooming wiry inflorescence - upside down flower resmbles a texas longhorn bull - almost always in flower - great for terrariums. Mature.

Image of Scaphosepalum swertifolium
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Image of Stelis hirtzii

 Stelis hirtzii - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
Two inch leaves climb on tree fern mount - five inch spikes bear about 6 red-orange triangular flowers - vigorous. Mature.

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 Stelis jamesonii - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
Vigorous plants with pretty rounded leaves - 3 to 4 inch sprays produce many small copper colored blossoms - frequent bloomer. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Stelis langlassei - Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - $ 25
LOADED WITH SPIKES! clumpy 6 inch plant has 3 inch ovate leaves - newest leaves are tinged with red - frequent sprays of greenish white flowers have a light pink blush - old leaves repeat bloom. Mature.

Image of Stelis langlassei
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Image of Stelis morganii

 Stelis morganii - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
Scapes of hairy white triangular flowers with rose tipped petals bloom from the center of paddle-shaped leaves - 6 inch waterfall plant. Mature.

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 Stelis species Brazil - Intermediate - Potted - Bolivia - $ 20
This unidentified species is attractive in or out of bloom - four inch dark green leaves have a purple underside - many sprays of flat triangular flowers are produced a couple of times a year - the surface of each flower is matt dusty rose while the back of the bloom is shiny red. Mature.

Image of Stelis species Brazil
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Image of Trichosalpinx caudata

 Trichosalpinx caudata - Intermediate - Mounted - Panama - $ 20
Miniature plant has attractive oval leaves tinged with red when young - relatively large elongated dark red flowers bloom on the underside of the leaf. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes red - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
Beautiful vining habit - blooms with many dark red flowers all up and down the stems - makes nice specimen plant - great for terrariums. Mature.

Image of Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes  red
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Image of Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes white

This item is a recent addition Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes white - Intermediate - Mounted - Ecuador - $ 20
IN BUD! Long vining growth habit - round leaves are ½ inch in diameter -white spidery ½ inch flowers bloom in pairs at base of each leaf - quickly makes a specimen plant. Mature.

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Tribe: EPIDENDREAE II (Old World)


This item is a recent addition Tuberolabium kotoense - Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Taiwan - $ 20
Lovely monopodial with fleshy light green leaves - plants bear pendant inflorescences with waxy white flowers in a spiral arrangement - each bloom has a sparkling surface set off by a purple tinged lip. Mature.

Image of Tuberolabium kotoense
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Image of Maxillaria uncata

 Maxillaria uncata - Intermediate - Mounted - Central America - $ 25
Attractive 2 inch narrow leaves grow in loose pendent clumps - ¼ inch flowers appear close to the plant and are white to pink lightly veined in dark red - good grower. Mature.

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 Sigmatostalix unguiculata - Intermediate - Mounted - Guatemala - $ 20
Yellow winged moustache lip above windswept flower - 2 inch oncidium-like plant - fall-winter bloomer. Mature.

Image of Sigmatostalix unguiculata
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Updated: 12/7/2016